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A week of pasta, sugar and honouring my hunger

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

It’s not been the best of weeks. After last weekend and the emotional roller coaster that was clearing out my clothes, it just seem to set me up for a bit of a rubbish week. It took a few days of listening to podcasts (I’ve recommended a really good one on my social media pages), my audio book, talking to others and giving myself a good talking to but I got my head around getting rid of the clothes and how positive it is. That made me feel really good and I was proud I was able to get to that point but the rest of the week was just not great.

It’s nothing in particular, this week has just been well bleh, that’s the best word to sum it up. We are a couple of weeks into our 3rd lockdown and I’m sure many of you are feeling this. Just fed up and bleh!! Homeschooling the kids has been a nightmare! The arguments have started about how much work they have got to do, how much screen time they can have, the fact they will not go to sleep at night! My kids are driving me insane, I love them but they need to go back to school like now! I am missing my family and friends like crazy. I am very close to my family so not seeing them is tough! I’m not sleeping that well either, so I’m tired a lot of the time and to top it all off the weather is bloody miserable! It’s wet, windy and absolutely freezing!

In all this I have noticed that I’ve been eating a lot of carbs and sweet things. I really wanted we what we call sprinkle cake the other day and we didn’t have any so I even made some. Before I started intuitive eating I would have referred to these foods as comfort food. I would have thought I was just comfort eating. I would have denied myself these foods, tried to find an alternative or ignored the cravings and if I had ‘given in’ then I would have felt totally ashamed!

Its felt so good this week to not fight it! I’ve been listening to my body. Maybe it’s because it’s cold or maybe it’s because I’m feeling a bit bleh and tired, who knows but my body has been wanting more than anything carbs and sugar. So I’ve listened and I haven’t denied my body what it wants. I’ve not been scared to eat the pasta (sometimes twice a day) or a bit of the cake I made, which tasted so good because I really fancied it! I don’t feel like I’ve binged or over eaten, I’ve just eaten the amount I’ve felt like I needed (well most of the time but that’s a whole another post) and I don’t feel sluggish or like I need to eat loads of veg!

So no it’s not been a great week but in reflection it’s been a really good week with my intuitive eating! I feel like I’m finally starting to fully grasp how to listen to my body and honour my hunger. I’m letting go of those horrible diet habits I had picked up without a lot of the time even noticing. Honouring my hunger is definitely starting to become second nature to me and realising that is giving me a much needed lift. I’m off to have a creme egg (yes they are back in the shops and I’m so excited) because I’m peckish and I really fancy something sweet with my cuppa! Thank you for reading, stay safe and happy eating!

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