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Fat is not a bad word!

Becoming an intuitive eater has opened my eyes and taught me a lot! If I was to list everything I have learnt the list would be massive! One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt though is the damage that diet culture has done and continues to do to society!

Diet culture tells us many lies so that we buy into their diet plans but probably one of the biggest most damaging lies it has instilled into society is the negative way we perceive body size.

As a result of this the word ‘fat’ is now seen and used as not only a negative word but an insult and a word many of us have become scared of!

I was one of these people who was terrified of this word. I dreaded being seen by others as fat, if I was called fat it would literally destroy what little self confidence I had and I can admit if I saw others who were larger, I couldn’t understand why they had allowed their bodies to get to that size, when they were being seen by so many in such a negative way. I also believed it was damaging to their health.

I wish I’d known then what I do now. Being fat is not something anyone should be made to feel ashamed of! I’m not a health professional so I don’t know all the specific facts but I do know that that BMI (which is used by diet companies to sell to you that you are too fat and therefore in poor health) was not intended to be used as an indication for health at all! In fact the person who invented it categorically said that it should not and could not be used to indicate the level of fatness in an individual! I have attached the link of a really interesting article about this subject, it is definitely worth a read!

Society really needs re-educating. There is a movement called Health at Every Size which can explain it all. It explains why we can be fat and healthy and why actually size is not an indication of health. There are so many articles and books on this subject. I truly recommend you read up about it because it’s so interesting and eye opening!

Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook pages for a link to a really good book about Health at Every Size.

It makes me cross and sad when I hear the word fat used to insult someone. It makes me sad when I see it used in a negative way to promote the latest fad exercise or diet and it is beyond me that I have even see so many people who are trying to just educate society on intuitive eating and health at every size getting attacked on social media! This happens though because it is so ingrained in us that being fat is unacceptable! I know it’s not the fault of those who think like this, it’s simply because they do not know any better but that doesn’t make it right. Im now in a place where most of the time I am able to challenge the negative thinking towards ‘fat’ but it would be so much easier if people were more open to it.

The reason for this post is to help you understand that fat is not a bad word, so please stop if you use it as one!

All I’m asking is that you take a bit of time to understand why it’s not, why you really should stop using the word fat in any negative way and why maybe it’s time to realise that people should not be defined by their size.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and happy eating.

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