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Let’s focus on the positives

I have had what I can only describe as a rollercoaster of a week! What a week it has been. I have been up, I have been down and I have been somewhere in the middle.

I'm thankful that nothing particularly bad has happened, it's just felt like there has not been one day, this whole week, where the good mood I woke up with has been allowed to last longer than an hour! There were some mornings this week where I hadn't even finished my first cuppa of the day and it was gone! What with the hell that is home schooling starting again, my son continuously losing his rag with said home schooling, my daughter pulling her, I'm nearly a teenager attitude out of the bag at least 20 times a day, falling over when I was walking the dog, a trip to the dentist to have an old filling redone and someone pinching my last creme egg (I am sure there was one more in the cupboard), it has not been the greatest. Sitting here writing this all I can think is, what the heck was that?

But like I said it was rollercoaster of a week which means there were some parts of the week that were positive which I actually quite enjoyed. And as much as I would like to get off the roller coaster now maybe if I take a pause and focus on the positive things then I actually won't want to get off. I might actually appreciate this week and be a lot more positive going into next week.

Focusing on the positives rather than the negatives is something I definitely need more practice with. I have read that if you get use to noticing the positives rather than the negatives in life, it makes it easier for you to notice and focus on the positives about yourself, so its a very good practice when your on a self love journey like I am.

Lets give it a go. Hopefully after doing this I will feel much better about this week!

So positives of this week have been:

The sun is shining-The weather has been beautiful. It has became so much warmer all of a sudden and it has definitely felt like spring is on its way. Such a lovely feeling after a long hard winter in lockdown.

We have been on some lovely walks-Because the weather has been so beautiful we have been on some absolutely stunning walks. Was so good to be out walking, without coats on, feeling the sun on our faces and hearing the birds singing for the first time in a long while. Lovely to see some colour starting to come up now as well. We are pretty lucky where we live as we do have a lot of walks with the best scenery and views. We have the beach and we have countryside. Having a dog now to, makes going out for walks even more enjoyable as he gets so excited, especially when we take him somewhere new.

My Social Media is growing- I am so happy about this. The reason I started this blog and the social media pages was to one, let people know that they are not alone on their journey and two, to inform people stuck in the hell that is diet culture that there is another way and you can actually be happy! My social media growing means people are seeing the messages I am putting out there and as a result hopefully they are happier, on a positive journey and maybe even living their best life’s.

I had a confidence break through- So my daughter told me that I needed a TikTok account to promote my blog. If I didn’t have one apparently I was not cool and so I was informed I had to set one up immediately. She actually had to do it for me as I had no idea and I didn’t really get it but I’m glad she made me get one. I decided to just go for it and embrace the madness that is TikTok. Now as you know I don’t even have pictures on my own, let alone do a video on my own but for one of my first TikTok videos I went solo!! I done a whole video of just me and posted it! I have never ever been in a video on my own, ever, this was totally out of my comfort zone but I did it! I was really proud of myself for that and I have actually done a few more. It’s actually really fun and so good for my confidence. Maybe I’ll start having photo’s on my own now.

Better days are coming- Here in England on Monday we were finally given the dates of when they plan on lifting our lockdown! The best news is my kids are actually going back to school on the 8th March! After months of home schooling we are ecstatic about this! Then as more is lifted over the coming months we might actually be able to see our family and friends again! I don’t want to jinx it but as it stands the end is in sight! By June if the numbers keep going down, we could well be back to normal! How amazing does that sound!

We are healthy- The biggest blessing of all and something I am so thankful for, is that at this moment in time my loved ones are healthy and safe. I know we are so incredibly lucky and I truly appreciate that! It means that I haven’t seen some of my family in over a year and as hard as that has been, it’s been worth it to keep them safe. If there is one thing all of this has taught me is that I will never take the ones I love for granted ever again.

My relationship with food continues to get better- Doing Intuitive Eating as I have always said has changed my relationship with food massively for the better and with everyday it continues to do so. Even though it’s been a crazy week, through everything I have learnt I was able to not binge, which I always did when I was stressed. That is a big pat on the back for me. I'm seeing everyday, that I listen to my body as a win and with that my confidence is really starting to grow as well.

So maybe in all it wasn’t as bad a week as it first seemed. After making this list and really focusing on the positives, I do feel so much better about my week. This is something I am definitely going to start doing every week (don’t worry I won’t bore you guys with it every week) in fact I've read that you should do it daily so I am going to start doing just that.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and happy eating.

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