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Summer insecurities

It’s that time of year I have always dreaded. When spring is nearly over and the summer is on its way so are all the insecurities. The weather is getting warmer, the jumpers and all the clothes that hide said insecurities have been put away. Social media is full of how to get the perfect summer body, every television advert is promoting the same thing and literally everyone you talk to is on a diet just to get into that bikini.

When did this become literally all that summer is about?! Why is this the focus?!

I never even noticed this previous years or if I did, I just accepted it and allowed myself to feel complete shame towards my body. I never questioned why I was made to feel like this every summer, I just got on with it. If I could talk to 16 year old me, I would tell her to not accept this, question it! Do not stand for it!

I know that every summer I am not alone in being made to feel like this and it makes me wonder how many of us are still not questioning it? How many of us are trying to find clothes that we won’t boil in but that still hide all the bits we can’t bare to show off? How many of us are absolutely sick to the stomach with the thought of wearing even a one piece swimming costume in public that we could never even dream of wearing a bikini feeling complete envy for those that do.

This being the first summer that I am really aware of body shaming and actually able to even call it out sometimes, I am working so hard on just trying to enjoy my summer. I want to able to wear that swimming costume or sleeveless top and not feel self conscious but I have to be honest I am struggling. The insecurities I have about my body are so deeply ingrained that it is not as easy as I had hoped. If I see the words ‘hot girl summer body’ one more time! Like seriously who gets to decide that?! What even is the criteria? It’s so ridiculous!

Im working on not caring, I swore I would never go back to restrictions and dieting and I won’t. This is just the next part of my journey. Learning to love and accept my body was always going to be the hardest part. It’s not easy to let go of shame after 20 years but nobody said this was going to be easy, especially when your up against societies perceptions and stupid hot girl summer body campaigns. I know I’m not alone though and that is a massive comfort, I just wish there were more people who understood that body shaming bigger people in the summer just because they also want to wear minimal clothes in the heat is not ok and it needs to stop so we can all enjoy our summer.

As always thank you for reading, stay safe and happy eating.

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