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Why I'm at this point!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Hi, welcome to my first blog entry. If you don't know me and your reading this then first of all yay!! A stranger is reading my blog, whoop whoop and second of all I totally feel your pain. Because if your reading this then your not much different from me. Your sick of constantly beating yourself up about your body, your weight, your appearance, the list goes on and your at that point where your trying to, your thinking about or you are making a change, just like me.

I'm not going to go into massive detail about my back story, because what has got me to this point probably won't be much different to your story. I'm just your average 37 year old married mum of two who was sick of looking in the mirror everyday and hating what I saw, sick of being ruled and dictated to by fad diets but never reaching the impossible and lets face it unrealistic goals set by them. I was beyond fed up with how I felt so crap and awful every time I fell off the wagon or gave up on living on lettuce for the millionth time! So after 20 years of this hell, something just went off inside me, it like clicked. I suddenly realised that my children were watching my every move, my behaviour, my relationship with food was the norm for them and there was no way they were going to go through the same daily struggles as me. I didn't want that for them and i didn't want it for me anymore and so about 3 months ago I started my Intuitive eating journey.

This wasn't a decision I made lightly, I must have gone back and forth with starting intuitive eating for nearly 18 months. The thought of giving up all control, not counting my calories, not weighing myself every week (sometimes more) filled me with absolute dread! I couldn't imagine living like that, I mean who eats whatever they want without piling on tons and tons of weight, how is that even a thing! Well turns out it is and I wanted in.

So now I am 3 months in and what a journey! I am so happy I've started it but I was not prepared for how hard it actually is to make this change! I should have known that after 20 years it was never gonna be as easy as here you go Kat, eat what you want when you want and be ok with that! Rediscovering your intuitive eating is bloody scary, its a freaking roller coaster but I'm finally, finally starting to be ok with it and I'm finding along the way without even realising it, I'm also learning how to get my body confidence back. This blog isn't about me having the answers, I'm not a professional, I literally am just a regular Joe in a small town in Kent who wanted to make a change to the way I live my life. I have never even written a blog before but I'm hoping that in reading this it may help you along the way, even if its just a little bit with your intuitive eating journey and make you realise you are not alone, it's not mega easy but we can do this, we can give up the control!!

I'll try and post on here as much as I can, with two kids, who from Monday I will be home schooling again, a dog, a husband and a house I'm kept pretty busy at times but ill post definitely at least once a week. In the meantime bare with me, I've got a subscribe option but I'm not really sure what your subscribing to. This is all knew to me, I really have no clue what I'm doing but I'll get there and hopefully you guys will enjoy what I've got to say.

Bye for now, stay safe and happy eating!

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