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So who knew there was a world that you can actually eat what you want without feeling guilty and that I have been living in it this whole time! This blog is about me discovering that world. My ongoing journey and struggle to accept it, the rollercoaster of emotions I (and my poor family) are dealing with daily and how after 20 years of dieting and self loathing its time to fight back!

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A bit about me

I'm a 30 something married mum of two, living in the South East of England. I am a nursery practitioner, although due to the current circumstances I have found myself out of work. Writing is a hobby but I love it, I would love to make it a full time thing and if there is one thing this pandemic has taught me, its that you have got to follow your dreams! So here I am sharing my journey with you all in the hope it will give you the reassurance you need with your journey and you never know maybe a bit of help to! Whatever you get from my ramblings, I hope it's what you need.


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